1 – Maxicabtaxisingapore.sg

Although there are numerous businesses in the Singapore area that offer Maxicab services, Maxicabtaxisingapore is at the top of the list.

The 7 seater Maxi Cab Singapore taxi is one of the biggest and most opulent maxi cabs in Singapore and offers you a smooth and pleasant trip to your destination. A great option for you, the discerning traveller who just wants the best!

Use the Maxi Cab taxi exclusively for travel or business. It is the perfect group transportation option, with room for up to 7 passengers and their luggage starting at S$55 per transfer.

You can call a taxi by phone, hail one at a taxi stand, or go to one of Singapore’s many taxi stands.

Each user’s needs are taken into account when providing services, and we constantly strive to improve by strengthening our capacities and undertaking long-term projects. Technology is an element that has an equal impact on all of our platforms, as we maintain constant communication with our users.

You may quickly and easily schedule any kind of ride through our online booking site nowadays because we are available on a variety of platforms. To manage your services and contact us directly, you can like us on Facebook and download our official app from the Google Play and App Store. Additionally, you can reach us by phone at +65 9662 3488.

2 – Maxicabtaxiinsingapore

The driver from Maxicabtaxiinsingapore.com greets you at the airport (as close to the arrival area as feasible), transports you to the hotel reception or to the specified address, helps you with your luggage, and drives you as quickly as possible to the location you have specified.

A comfortable service for a large family, a minibus for a group of visitors, or a luxurious transfer can all be chosen in advance to take you to the town centre or the airport.

The cost of a transfer in Tours is predetermined at the time of advance reservation and is never increased, regardless of whether the driver waits for a passenger, whether it’s necessary to pass through a restaurant, or whether there is traffic.

They are one of the most seasoned transportation companies in Singapore, and they have the equipment needed to address any issue that may happen while providing this service. Our customer service and advise are unmatched, which is why Maxicabtaxiinsingapore.com has received recognition on a global scale.

3 – Astro Maxicab Singapore

A wide selection of opulent limos are available from Astro Maxicab Singapore to meet all needs. The limousine bus and mini trainers can seat much more people than the luxury sedans or MPVs, which may accommodate up to 7 passengers. Each car is serviced to ensure that it is mechanically sound and that every amenity works, so you can expect the highest levels of quality, comfort, and elegance.

Professionalism, Priority, and Pride is their motto. Once a booking is confirmed, service is guaranteed at Astro Maxicab Singapore. the most reputable transportation provider on the staircase. they have been working in this field for the last ten decades.

They ask their customers to make reservations in advance to avoid unneeded problems with their own travels.

What’s more, Astro Maxicab Singapore Maxicab offers you all of this luxury and convenience at a competitive pace.

This implies that you can easily sit back and let us handle all of the information while removing the effort from any transportation you may need.

4.Premier Taxis Pte Ltd

Premier Corporation Pte Ltd, a renowned local automobile rental and fleet management service provider since 1995, entirely owns Premier Taxis Pte Ltd. After the taxi industry was deregulated in 2003, the company was established when the holding company was given a Taxi Operator’s License.

Since the introduction of our first SilverCabs in March 2004, Premier has been in a unique position to meet the demands of our customers for high-quality service and secure, comfortable rides. Premier Taxis takes pride in offering the best taxi services available in the nation and strives to set ourselves apart as a Premium taxi operator by only using the best cars to match our first-rate customer support. Our cab drivers receive training to meet the requirements of the public.

Premier Taxis has established a full-fledged vehicle servicing centre with the express objective of offering a one-stop solution in dealing with any vehicle-related difficulties in order to further improve our service standards to our business partners. Premier Automotive Services was established to meet the logistical requirements of our whole fleet of cars along with our growing fleet. We have top-notch tools in our workshop, as well as knowledgeable mechanics who know how to use them. Additionally, Premier Automotive Services frequently engages in research and development to find ways to enhance the usability of the vehicles we repair. Both our commuters and our taxi drivers are important to us!

Contact no:: +65 6214 8880


5.CityCab Pte Ltd

Comfort Transportation and CityCab joined the ComfortDelGro Group in 2003 as a result of the successful merger of two transportation companies, Comfort Group and Delgro Corporation. As it is now known, ComfortDelGro Taxi is a well-known taxi company in Singapore that offers convenient point-to-point services, whether it be street hailing or booking, at reasonable prices. We are well-equipped to train anyone who enjoys the flexibility that driving a taxi brings to become a cabby because we have a wealth of experience from operating booking and street hailing services to managing a fleet of 10,000 taxis.

Contact no: +65 6555 1188