Do you need to move some large items or bags that won’t fit into the boot of a taxi? Have you ever been in a situation like this before? If you answered yes, don’t worry; the solution to your problem is right here. You will be served by our Maxi Cab and Minibus bulky item disposal Singapore transport service. Is it permissible for us to board an MRT or a bus with all of these large items? Your big stuff and you, all in one truck. What do you think about this? All you have to do is call us shortly before you finish your shopping, and our courteous chauffeurs will be on the way to pick you up with your bulky purchases. So why go through all that trouble when we can provide you with the Maxi Cab bulky item transfer service?

  • 7 Seater $40
  • 9/13 Seater $55

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