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The 6 Seater Cab, which comes in either an Alphard or a Vellfire, is the king of MVPs in Singapore. Once required, it is a high-end car recognised for its style and level of luxury. For events and business conferences, this Comfort maxi cab is the best vehicle for you and the people you travel with.

The perfect choice for VIP group transports with up to 6 people to any location in Singapore and Malaysia. Don’t forget to order the Limo Cab 6 seater if you’re planning a trip to Singapore or having important clients over soon for a delightful experience. The Mercedes executive fleet has now been eclipsed in terms of elegance, style, and convenience by this car. The Vellfire cab is designed to absorb all shocks, providing a completely smooth and comfortable ride no matter what kind of road you’re on. There are numerous other amenities that make this limo taxi a popular option for many individuals. It has the room to comfortably fit six persons.

You may quickly and easily schedule any kind of ride through our online booking site nowadays because we are available on a variety of platforms. To manage your services and contact us directly, you can like us on Facebook and download our official app from the Google Play and App Store. Additionally, you can reach us by phone at +65 83663596.

2 – Singapore Maxi Cab Services

The Toyota Alphard or Vellfire, which are regarded as the KING of mpvs on Singaporean roads, are either used for our 6 Seater Limousine Service or the 6 Seater taxi car. When needed, it acts as an executive vehicle that is well-known for its flair and design and is a favourite for chauffer service. Since the advent of the Alphard 20 to 30 years ago, limousines in Singapore have made extensive use of these types of vehicles. Without them, Singapore’s limo service would be lacking. Most appropriate if you and your clients are travelling in a larger capacity and attending events and meetings together.

Professionalism, Priority, and Pride is their motto. Once a booking is confirmed, service is guaranteed at Singapore Maxi Cab Services. the most reputable transportation provider on the planet. they have been working in this field for the last several decades.

They ask their customers to make reservations in advance to avoid unneeded problems with their own travels.

What’s more, Singapore maxi cab Services offer you all this luxury and convenience at a competitive speed.

This implies that you can just sit back and let us manage all of the information while removing the work from any transportation you may need.

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The 6 Seater Cab is a Maxi Taxi, and the most comfortable 6 Person Cab in Singapore is a Toyota Alphard or Vellfire, according to Maxicabtaxi in Singapore. The Maxi Cab is also an executive Large Taxi that is well-known for its elegance and comfort. The Big Taxi is best suited for you and your clientele travelling in larger groups for events and business meetings. Extended families getting together for events like weddings and birthdays find the 6 Seater Maxi Cab in Singapore to be the perfect transportation option.

Contact us to reserve our 6 Seater Maxi Cab to Airport service. Larger luggage that won’t fit in regular cabs is not a concern for you. Up to 6 passengers and 4 pieces of cabin-sized luggage can ride in our Singapore 6 Seater Maxicab. Our six-seater taxis have leather-covered ottoman seats, air conditioning in the back, and a separate area for your luggage.

Maxicabtaxiinsingapore offers complimentary meet and greet services as well as airport transfers service (arrival). The driver will be waiting outside the belt area where you and/or your guests will exit while personally holding a card with the required name to be displayed. With our Maxi Cab Airport Transfers Service, we genuinely know how to treat you like a VIP.

You may quickly and easily schedule any kind of ride through our online booking site nowadays because we are available on a variety of platforms. To manage your services and contact us directly, you can like us on Facebook and download our official app from the Google Play and App Store. Additionally, you can reach us by phone at +65 9662 3488.

4 – SMRT

A company that offers public transportation is called SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT). Our main line of work is to oversee and run the North-South Line, East-West Line, Circle Line, new Thomson-East Coast Line, and Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit train services. Our bus, taxi, and private hire vehicle services complement this.

Integrity, Service and Safety, and Excellence are the principles that guide us. SMRT is dedicated to offering our commuters a service that is secure, dependable, and comfortable.

The “SMRT” typeface is angled to the right, portraying SMRT as a vibrant, forward-thinking organisation that works tirelessly to excel in public transportation. Red draws attention to the fervour and vitality we exude.

The two bands were intended to represent the two main rail lines being constructed at the time—the North-South and East-West Lines—when the roundel was first created in 1983. The bands that cross the circle’s centre show how the system combines at-grade, viaduct, and underground rail lines. The roundel has come to represent our island-wide operations, which include our trains, buses, and taxis, over the years.

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5 – Singapore Cab Booking Pte Ltd

What sets us apart from the competition given that Singapore has a large number of maxi taxi and minibus charter services? There are many tales about transportation firms and how they became the best in their field, but how reliable are they? We at SG Maxi Cab Singapore have had a long and difficult road to the top, but we have succeeded by providing all of our customers with priority transportation services. We enjoy offering them first-rate services because we value all of our clients.

We had a lengthy conversation regarding the lack of reputable, dependable, and reasonably priced transportation options in Singapore, which led to the creation of SG Maxi Cab Singapore. We immediately came to the conclusion that we needed to take action, so we went right in to the sector. From the outset, our main focus has been on offering tourists first-rate services so they may experience the luxuries of travelling in style rather than focusing on making a profit.

As a transport service provider in Singapore, we have only gotten stronger, bigger, and better in the last few years thanks to our unwavering commitment, drive, and dedication. With our reasonably priced, dependable, and secure maxi cab and mini bus charter services, we love making travelling in Singapore more convenient.

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